What our team is capable of

Strong skills in team and project management, i'm a software developer, i like coding in PHP and JavaScript,I am specially invested in technology education, Big Data and IOT in an African context.

Samy Mwamba

I’m a Software engineer living in Lubumbashi DRC. I have strong skills in desktop, web and mobile software development. I am also able to work on any type of environment and managing teams

Henrique Mukanda
COO Chief Operating Officer

I'm a mixture of things I didn't want to do anymore when I was a child. In my childhood, I was wanted to be a journalist. A couple of years later, I shifted by willing to be an electronic equipment repairer. The solution to this reaction, I'm a detail-oriented, challenge-oriented, change-oriented person. In addition to that, I'm very passionate about communication, both for personal and enterprise branding.

Serge Kishiko

I am curious with a constant desire to learn in order to increase my general knowledge. I enjoy helping others, and I am satisfied when I can do so while working. In general, I don't stop until I reach my goal and I have the misfortune of being a perfectionist

Nathan Tela
Chief Financial Officer

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer and Industrial Electronics Technician. Passionate about Mobile/Web development, Open Source Ecosystem, UI/UX Designing, BigData, Game Dev, Internet of Things Development and embedded systems programming. With a focus on Artificial Intelligence Technologies (Machine Learning, etc.). I am also an entrepreneur

Manassé Ngudia
Software developer