We briefly

We are on a mission to use exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Open Data, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity to help transform Africa and shape a better future in the Smart Technology Era.This trends stack is growing by leaps and bounds on the African continent and more specifically in our country, the Dem. Rep. of the Congo (DRC).

Applying those techs in our era, three actors will be concerned directly. Which are:

  • Government

  • Companies

  • Population

Most of the African Governments are not able to predict population growth in the next years in order to deal with agriculture, education...

> So, building Open Data platforms, integrating AI-BD-IoT techs will help a lot of Governments.

The rise of the Internet pushed companies by shifting their strategies. For the same reason, today's trends are doing so too.

> So, helping those companies will have a great impact by reducing poverty, lifting up people lives, providing more values...

People don't have access to data in Africa. They are doing their craft on their own without relying on real and existing data and techs.

> So, giving them Open Data platforms, the process to be getting in today's trends will help them building their dreaming solutions.

IT Open Talk

We meet every weekend to inform and share our knowledge with students from different universities, students and people interested in new technologies. Beyond these meetings, we are committed to providing training to introduce young and old to new technologies and also to design digital solutions to alleviate some of the problems we encounter in our community.

The heart of the team

Samy Mwamba


Samy Mwamba

Co-founder, Software Developer, researcher in education.

Serge Kishiko


Serge Kishiko

Co-founder, engineer and developer fullstack UX Designer.

Henrique Mukanda


Henrique Mukanda

Software developer, Hacking ethics, safety Pentester web applications

Manassé Ngudia


Manassé Ngudia

Co-fondateur, Software et Internet of things Developer, Passionate about mobile development.

Héritier Kandolo


Héritier Kandolo

CyberOps | Admin. System and Network, CEO at PrtechGroup, MCSA, MOSM, CCNA, CCENT, MCPs, IT Essentials.

Eddysha Jabulani

leader of the user experience

Eddysha Jabulani

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Apps Developper, Linux Administrator, Software Engineering

Contact Us

57 av mwepu, batiment mulongo local 13, Lubumbashi, Haut-katanga,RDCongo.

+243 84 08 59 515

+243 97 10 20 397